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One possible way to prevent the pathogenic consequences of dental plaque formation might be the modification of the tooth surface by application of an anti-adhesive coating that interferes with the bacterial accumulation. 

Dentcoat tooth protection takes advantage of the principle of self-assembled mono- and multilayers, which is one of nature's tried and true concepts. For example, phospholipids organize in solution spontaneously into thermodynamically stable, defined micelle structures, to create cell membranes. Dentcoat makes use of molecules' ability to self-assemble, and thus the SiO2 compound (liquid crystals) bonds firmly to enamel/dentin structures to coat the enamel. The result is an extremely smooth bio repulsive surface, which leads to greatly reduced protein and microorganism adhesion.

- Andreas Teichmann, Scientist / Inventor of Dentcoat -

“Why do frugivorous bats not suffer from dental caries?”

The "Jamaika Fruit bat" eats up to fifteen very sweet fruits per night, the juice of which contains three times as much sugar as apple juice. A crucial role in caries protection is therefore the enamel surface of the bat.The surface of the teeth is provided with a structure which prevents plaque. 

This is similar in Dentcoat treated tooth structures.


Revolutionary in Caries and Periodontal Disease Prevention

A Multi-functional Prevention Concept. 

What is Dentcoat ? Bio-repulsive tooth protection - learn more

Healthy Teeth through plaque reduction, caries prophylaxis, remineralization

Sustainable desensitization through crystalization

Brighter teeth and protection in one!

Protection and remineralization after bleaching

Prevention of white spots around brackets, caries prophylaxis

Implantcoat - positive influence on long life of implants

Dental Care after Dentcoating - natural toothpowder


DENTCOAT is a superior product for caries and periodontal prevention and endows the tooth with a mineral - durable effective shield made from a SiO2 compound, which is acid and scratch resistant. In normal cases anyone over the age of 10 can use the treatment. Dentcoat is recommended for those who want to do something about periodontal disease and tooth enamel loss. DENTCOAT DSP is especially made for people who want to get rid of sensitive teeth and want to live pain free permanently. 


Teeth Protection &  Remineralisation 

Periodontitis Prevention

Healthy Teeth & Whitening

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Here you will find the perfect dental care for your unique tooth protection. With the Dentcoat Care toothpowder, you gently care for your newly acquired tooth protection. We use natural ingredients: microfine cellulose fibers without fluoride, free from preservatives and chemical additives. This results in fewer ingredients and active ingredients directly into the body via the blood vessels of the oral mucosa. Your oral mucosa will thank you! No matter how unfamiliar it is the first time: The smooth feeling on your teeth is noticed by everyone immediately! With cellulose the teeth are strictly not "cleaned", but with a low RDA value polished and not scratched.

Dentcoat Care Toothpowder  Dental Ultra Cleaner Toothbrushes

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