How to protect and regenerate teeth today 

What Causes Plaque and Why Is It Harmful?
Plaque develops when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches), such as milk, soft drinks, raisins, cakes, or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. Plaque can also develop on the tooth roots under the gum and cause breakdown of the bone supporting the tooth.


What is Dentcoat?

Dentcoat consists of a liquid SiO2 complex. Silicon is widely present in nature, e.g. as quartz. In the human body, silicon is the third most abundant trace element after iron and zinc. It contributes to the development of bones, cartilage and connective tissue.

The result:

Dentcoat forms a biomimetic protective coating that can effectively protect enamel from acid attack. The result is a smooth, biorepulsive tooth surface on which proteins and microorganisms can hardly adhere. Plaque is prevented as much as possible and inflammatory processes on the periodontium are reduced.

A welcome side effect:

A treatment with Dentcoat provides your teeth with protection and brings back your natural tooth color. Even fillings ** and crowns ** get a makeover and shine in new splendor.

DENTCOATING - revitalises and protects
Dentcoat will protect your teeth from damage or regenerate damaged parts. It restocks enamel with mineral molecules, rebuilding some of that mineral layer to keep teeth healthier for longer..The formula is particularly suitable for the needs of sensitive patients and allergy sufferers, as it is a bioactive body element.

Sensitivity or triggering of allergies are not to be expected with correct treatment.
Once the crystalline protection has built up, bacteria have a hard time tacking to the tooth surface.

DENTCOAT reduces plaque accumulation by up to 90%.
Chew and speech movements then keep the surfaces clean in the anterior region. Plaque forms only reduced in the course of the day. However, for a lasting success, it is important to regularly perform the mechanical cleaning with the toothbrush, and to use Interdental Sticks and Dental Ultra Cleaner.

Sustainable reduction of bacterial adhesion
DENTCOAT creates a positive change in the patients suffering from tartar, inflammation and periodontitis.

Depending on the treatment and the form of therapy, the patient receives a healthier oral flora.
In the context of a therapy, multiple treatments may be necessary, for example in periodontitis, teeth whitening, production of opalescence, etc.


Dentcoat treatment is performed by a trained dental practice. Before each treatment, the teeth must be professionally cleaned by your dentist. Only very clean tooth surfaces guarantee a qualitative treatment result. Thereafter, a cheek holder with integrated saliva suction and tongue holder is used. Too much moisture limits the crystallization and thus the life span of the Dentcoat Protection is significantly reduced. The treatment is painless and can only be performed by trained dental staff.

How many treatments are required?

Depending on the indication, a basic treatment of all tooth surfaces takes place in one to two treatments. After that is a refresher treatment every 8 to12 months required, depending on the condition of the teeth. This ensures that all tooth surfaces are adequately supplied with DENTCOAT and that an optimal result is achieved.

Deposits of nicotine, red wine or coffee no longer penetrate the enamel, but only adhere to the tooth surface. They are easy to remove from the tooth surface with a Dental Ultra Cleaner.