Periodontitis (PA) and peri-implantitis (PI) are recognized as the greatest challenges of dental medicine and the spread of both diseases is growing continuously. Based on the current data base, the prevalence for peri-implant mucositis can be estimated to be 20 to 60% and that for peri-implantitis up to 50%. In Germany alone, 28 million people are affected by PA and around 1.5-2 million by PI.

SUSTAINABLE BIOFILM MANAGMENT - AESTHETIC REVITALIZATION                                                                                                          
The prevention principle offered by Dentcoat and Implantcoat optimally bridges the gap between prophylaxis and PA therapy. Permanent biofilm management and aesthetic revitalization offer a consistent approach to periodontal tissue preservation, provide relief to the immune system, and support the aesthetic revitalization of the teeth.

 Implant health is determined by the abutment

Factors which influence the lifetime of an implant, in particular the lifetime of implant abutments:

  • biocompatibility and precise fit 
  • minimal plaque adhesion
  • high resistance to wear
  • adherence and the growth of adjacent cells
  • bacterial colonization and the formation of biofilm is inhibited/reduced

Protection with Implantcoat – to offer the patient a durable implant with the lowest risk of infection.       

  • Improves soft tissue apposition in the trans mucosal part of the implant.
  • The adhesion of biofilm consisting of periodontal pathogens is significantly reduced.
  • Corrosion-resistant through the suppression of reaction with moisture
  • Acid-resistant to a pH value > 1.5 
  • Abutments coated with Implantcoat are scratch-resistant and can be prophylactically cleaned just like a natural tooth. 
  • Biorepulsive surfaces facilitate the daily care of the implant 

In implantology, a priority is to get a full protection from peri-implantitis. Minimum plaque adhesion plays a particularly critical role in the prevention.  It is recommended, before implantation to have a pre-treatment of all tooth surfaces with the DENTCOAT P - tooth protection.