Coffee Cup Test:

Brush the toothpowder with a little water and polish off the stubborn coffee stains in the coffee cup. You will see how simple spots disappear.

Dentcoat Care - Tooth Powder

"A good dental care product contains no preserving agents, no germicides, no bleaching, moistening or binding agents and, more importantly, no water".

From the original idea “just” to not use unnecessary chemistry we have developed a much more extensive product.

This was the original approach used to develop a sustainable care product for surfaces treated with Dentcoat Tooth Protection and avoid the "additives" which are necessary when producing a water based (tooth) paste. An alkaline, gentle and thorough-acting tooth powder which helps reduce or prevent the formation of tartar. Dentcoat Care Tooth Powder gently removes any deposits. Whereas most toothpastes do not neutralize harmful acids in the mouth and can dissolve calcium from tooth enamel in an acidic environment, this tooth powder has an opposite effect. Harmful microorganisms are reduced, and the natural balance of oral microflora is restored. Teeth are naturally whitened, gums remain strong and healthy.

Polish with micro-fine cellulose fibers: That your teeth simply look whiter, more shining and altogether more beautiful, is the cosmetic side of the polishing effect. More importantly though is the fact that the smooth surfaces of your teeth prevent the buildup of unpleasant plaque effectively. Wherever the tooth powder can get to work, the danger of plaque sinks rapidly.

Even in the spaces between your teeth and at the gum your teeth become beautifully smoothly and practically plaque-free. With a low RDA value, your teeth and Dentcoat treated surfaces get polished and not scratched.

Ultra smooth teeth - the cosmetic effect

Already after the first use of DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder you will notice that your teeth feel much smoother than after the use of toothpaste. Thus you have already felt the essential effect. Because: the micro-fine cellulose polishes gently and effectively. After 2–3 days you can even see it: Your teeth are beginning to shine. A smooth surface will reflect light better than a rough one. Your teeth will appear whiter completely without the use of bleach. By polishing the tooth surfaces the “discolored look” of your teeth disappears, which can result from the food you eat, in particular tea and coffee as well as nicotine or red wine. 

Maximum protection

The tooth’s enamel is however not being “rubbed off” or even destroyed. On the contrary: With a very small RDA value (relative dentin abrasively) of less 30 DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder apply as particularly careful. For your comparison: Toothpastes with whiteners have a RDA value of up to 150 and can cause detrimental damage to your teeth if used for a longer period of time. You can compare the gentle tooth powder polishing effect with that of a cotton cloth you would use to polish the tiles in a bathroom. 

Super smooth teeth - the medical effect

That your teeth simply look whiter, more shining and altogether more beautiful, is the cosmetic side of the polishing effect. More importantly though is the fact that the smooth surfaces of your teeth prevent the buildup of unpleasant plaque effectively. Wherever DENTCOAT CARE can get to work, the danger of plaque sinks rapidly.

No plaque, no tartar

Without plaque, it’s tough for tartar. Tartar gives shelter to harmful bacteria. Besides caries they often cause chronic inflammations of the gums, which lead to bleeding at the gums, decrease and/or also to pockets around the teeth. With a DENTCOAT tooth protection treatment and regular use of DENTCOAT CARE tooth powder - twice a day - you will see big improvements.


The DENTCOAT CARE TOOTH POWDER consists of very few, selected ingredients: 

  • Micro-fine cellulose fibers = the main ingredient to gently and effectively polish your teeth
  • Silica - a small portion of silica against persistent teeth staining
  • Organic mint + menthol flavor for good taste and fresh breath
  • Surfactant - Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (soap) - in order to reduce the surface tension of the teeth
  • Stevioside - a minimum quantity stevioside to cover the slightly bitter taste of the silica
  • Vitamin C to stimulate salivation, especially in older people Natriumhydrogencarbonat (baking soda) to adjust pH level

Directions: wet your toothbrush, dip in tooth powder or take a pinch of powder in the palm of your hand, scoop up with wet toothbrush and brush your teeth as usually. For best results use a soft toothbrush, brush one to two minutes, then rinse. For best results use twice daily

Note: Your two ounce by volume jar of tooth powder contains at least a 2 month supply of tooth powder for one person, twice daily use and size of toothbrush. Your bottle contains one ounce by weight of Dentcoat care tooth powder.  

How do I obtain my new tooth protection?

Careful oral hygiene is essential for the maintenance of dentcoating and healthy teeth.

The teeth should be cleaned, ideally in the morning and evening, preferably in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime. 

Before you start brushing your teeth, start rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water, to remove any scraps of food. 

There is no more caution for waiting time of one hour after eating acidic food and drinks (e.g. fruit juices, colas) to brush your teeth 

Cleaning time: should be at least 2 minutes; make sure that you exercise not too much pressure on the teeth while brushing, because the gums can be damaged otherwise. 

Bristles: the brush thickness should be soft to medium. Too hard bristles on the dentin exposed root surfaces can cause damage. 

Toothpaste: It is recommended to use Dentcoat Care Tooth Powder for daily tooth cleaning and use Andjana Dental Ultra Cleaner for plaque caused by nicotine, tea, coffee etc.

If you don't like the tooth powder please make sure you choose toothpaste with an RDA value under 30. Many types of toothpaste contain abrasives. It should have a mild-wiping action, so do not be too strong. The abrasion of dentin describes the RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) value. The declaration of the RDA value is not required by most countries, and not to be found as information in most toothpaste.

4        Zahnbürste mit Wasser   

68      Colgate Regular

07      Backpulver

77      Elmex

15      Dentcoat Care

80      Colgate Total  

15      Weleda

98       Perlweiss

30      Elmex Sensitive

100     Colgate Sensitive Care

48      Theramed  2 in 1

124     Colgate Whitening

60      Weleda Pflanzen Zahncreme

150     Pepsodent

60      Sensodyne Gel

180     Dr. Best Zahnweiss

50-60 Dr. Best Multi-Aktiv

190     Smile LRC Smokers

  RDA Wert


  RDA 0-20

   Sehr wenig

  RDA 20-40


  RDA 40-60


  RDA 60-80


   RDA > 80

  Sehr stark

Application Dentcoat Care Toothpowder:

lightly moistened toothbrush into the powder or apply a pinch of toothpowder to the palm of the hand and absorb with a moistened toothbrush. As usual brush teeth in the morning and in the evening. For better polishing effects, use a soft toothbrush. To check with the tongue go over teeth and remove "forgotten plaque" again. Keep it dry after opening.

Dose a '38gr is sufficient for approx. 2 months (depends on the cleaning frequency and size of the toothbrush surface)