Professional Dental Teeth Cleaning

Even though you may be very diligent about your oral hygiene with daily flossing and brushing you still need regular professional cleanings, also known as dental prophylaxis performed by a dental hygienist. 

Because although proper brushing and flossing will remove most of the plaque that forms, it is impossible, to eliminate it totally because our bodies produce plaque continuously. Immediately

after your teeth are cleaned, a clear, sticky film of plaque begins to form again. If this biofilm is left anywhere undisturbed for 2-3 weeks, gingivitis develops. Eventually, plaque that is left undisturbed will harden and attach to your teeth. These hard deposits are called tartar and once tartar has attached to the teeth, brushing and flossing will not remove it. Tartar must be removed completely with dental instruments. Complete removal is key because tartar is significant in the progression of inflammatory periodontal disease which may not only cause a bad breath, but lead to other serious problems, both medical and dental. 

Dental hygienists are dental professionals who specialize in oral hygiene and clean teeth thoroughly. They use different tools to complete individual patient assessments; they use hand instruments and often, ultrasonic devices to remove tartar, plaque and stains. Removal of tartar provides smooth tooth surfaces which facilitate teeth cleaning at home and promote gingival healing.